It is my great pleasure to welcome you to our 6th Annual Middle East Psychological Association Conference and Expo. I am especially delighted as we are hosting this year’s event again in person after few years of living in the virtual world. As always, we worked hard to bring you another successful event and a great experience.

It is very exciting to see all the things we have accomplished in the past years, however, there’s still much more work ahead of us. Together we will continue working on transforming Psychology in the Middle East but there’s no doubt that we can only accomplish this through the support and trust you give our association.

To address the specific needs of all attendees, this unique conference provides three different tracks: one for professionals, one for students and one for the general public or community. Attendees are able to earn continuing education hours from the American Psychological Association (APA) as well as having the opportunity to network and meet face-to-face with high-level professionals and exhibitors who will provide the latest in: publishing, educational programs, technology and career opportunities within the field of Psychology.

Throughout this conference, please take the opportunity to stay engaged, network, keep us proactive and help us share the future of MEPA. My personal welcome to the 2023 MEPA Conference and Expo goes to all of you!

Thank you,
Dr. Joanne Hands, Ph.D., LMFT, LPC
MEPA President



The 2023 Conference and Expo aim to raise awareness and further destigmatize the perception of the Mental Health field within the Middle East region. The conference will allow participants the opportunity to collaborate with numerous professionals and colleagues in addition to providing updates on current topics, trends, theories, techniques, products, and research within the field of Psychology.

This MEPA Conference and Expo is a vital one of a kind event within the field of Psychology in the Middle East because it is designed to benefit any individual with interest in Psychology. The field of psychology is a fundamental one in everyone’s life and this event is here to help to enhance people’s well-being. This event attracts psychological centers and clinics, hospitals, and schools. In addition, rehabilitation and treatment centers, companies interested in providing happiness and retention of their employees, and the general community interested in enhancing their daily living.

Furthermore, presenters are experts from all over the world ready to share their knowledge and experience with the audience. This unique conference will provide three different tracks: for professionals, students, and for the general community.


The Middle East Psychological Association (MEPA) was established in November 2010, to unify psychologists and other mental health practitioners in the Middle East. The Middle East Psychological Association has several goals. For one, it aims to unify all of the psychologists and mental health clinicians in the Middle East. The organization also aims to be a resource for the Middle East community and to destigmatize the practice of psychology, which has traditionally been seen as a Western phenomenon. The Middle East Psychological Association will also provide ongoing professional development activities in the form of workshops, training, and public information for both consumers of mental health resources and social service professionals.




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